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“A site is like a store window; before you decorate the window, you have to clean the inside of the store. TP1 and Adviso opened up a world of possibilities for us. They helped us identify benchmarks, and showed us how these standards could work for the STM brand.”
- Nicole Gruslin



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Refocusing the STM site on the needs of users

A site redesign project for the STM, where the user came into play at each stage of the process, from inspiration to testing and everything in between. The project was executed in partnership with TP1.

Case study video courtesy of TP1 / Production: 1ONE / Sound: Sonart


  • Rebuild one of the most visited sites in Quebec, with a user satisfaction rate of over 85%
  • Ensure that the site be fully functional regardless of the device used
  • Edit and reprioritize content to better suit the needs of users
  • Simplify the interface and invest in priority tasks

Strategy Deployed

  • Invest in various user research techniques (card sorting, user testing, focus groups, and engaging beta testers to understand what content interests users most, and test functionality and interactivity).
  • Ensure that the web and mobile versions are completely integrated and barrier-free.
  • Give prominence to the tools most frequently used by public transit users: trip planning, route and schedule searches, and fares.
  • Implement Google Tag Manager to ensure that activity on the site is monitored to the maximum extent.

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